The Dot You Can Trust

At EURid, the non-profit organisation that operates the .eu and .ею top-level domains, we don’t just strive for excellence, we live it.

From the start, we have worked towards building a trustworthy online space that allows for self-expression and business development to thrive.

Trust by Design

To us, the focal points of trust are transparency and accountability. For this purpose, we want to ensure that the person behind a domain name is both known and real, and that abusive domain name practices are stopped in their tracks before causing harm to others.

WHOIS Quality

Our WHOIS Quality system has been designed to validate the eligibility of registrant data in an effort to uproot unfaithful registrations that could possibly be abusive.

Predictive Algorithms

Through the use of historical data and self-learning algorithms, we are working to predict at the time of registration whether or not a domain name might be used in an abusive way in an effort to prevent such malicious domain names from being registered in the first place.

Cooperation with EUIPO and Europol

Focalised on combating cybercrime within our domain name community, our collaboration with Europol revolves around the exchange of statistical data and trends pertaining to cybercrime and the commitment to cooperate on cybercrime related projects.

As an added measure, to better protect your brand, we have partnered with EUIPO to offer a trademark notification system that will inform any trademark holder when someone registers a domain name using our extension(s) that is identical to their trademark.

Securing Information

We believe that information security is a fundamental building block of our business. To help us handle information security in a structured manner, both in our technical operations and business processes, we choose to follow the ISO 27001 security standard. Our certificate number is IS 599234 and was issued by BSI.

Security Through Empowerment

We provide you and your registrar with the tools to secure your online presence and protect your brand.


Through your registrar, you can enable DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) which can help reduce the chance of visitors landing on an illegitimate website when searching for yours.

Registry Lock

To ensure that your domain name does not fall victim to certain unintended changes that could result in its deletion or transfer, you can request that your registrar activate our Registry Lock service, which empowers only specified members of staff from your registrar to perform operations on your domain name.

WHOIS Service

Through our WHOIS platform, you can see many different aspects associated with your domain name, including, but not limited to, other .eu, .ею and .com domain names that contain striking similarities to yours. Based on the results, if you find that someone is encroaching on your IP rights, you can file a dispute via our fast and affordable Alternative Dispute Resolution procedure.

Express Your Identity

Your domain name can contain characters from any official EU language script, providing you with the ability to fully express yourself online.

Share Your Story

As the backbone of our organisation, our domain name holders never cease to amaze us. Through their meaningful work and sense for innovation, they have put Europe on the map in terms of online communication.

Success is a two way street, which is why we aim to build strong relationships with our domain name holders. Together, we can achieve the impossible.

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